15 Cute Snowman Crafts


Snowman Crafts for Kids are great for the winter or the holidays. Crafts are a great opportunity for youngsters to express themselves creatively while still being informative. Snowman Crafts for Kids is the perfect hands-on activity for children to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color identification, and other crucial skills.

If you’re searching for some fun and creative crafts for your child to do this winter, these Snowman Crafts for Kids are perfect. Kids will enjoy making these winter crafts, which range from Christmas decorations to paper plate snowmen.

easy preschool DIY snowman crafts for kids and toddlers

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Adorable Snowman Crafts for Kids

1. Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

With this cute cotton ball snowman, you can enjoy the winter snow from the comfort of your own home. This snowman project comes with a printable that you’ll enjoy creating with your family. A cotton ball snowman is a cute winter project. You may let your child make his or her snowman, or you can allow him or her to select how to dress his or her fluffy winter buddy.


Cotton Ball Snowman
Credit: Mom Brite

2. Pom Pom DIY Snowman Ornament

This DIY Snowman Ornament turned out fluffy and adorable, and you’ll adore his button hat! If you’ve ever created pom poms, you’ll be ahead of the game.


pom pom snowman ornaments 08.jpg
Credit: Cutesy Craft

3.  Snowman Paper Plate Craft 

In any case, kids will have a great time doing this snowman paper plate project! It’s simple and inexpensive to make, and you’ll also get a free printable template to make it even easier for kids to duplicate.


how to make Paper plate snowman image.jpg
Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

4. Egg Carton Snowman Craft

This egg carton snowman craft is perfect for keeping the kids engaged throughout the winter or making a lovely DIY ornament to gift to the grandparents. It’s an easy recycled winter project for kids that’s a great indoor activity for kids of all ages. It’s also simple to customize for use in the school, library, or daycare settings.


egg carton snowman craft elementary image.jpg
Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

5. Snowman Christmas Ornaments

These cute Snowman Christmas Ornaments made from white plastic spoons are a fun and easy DIY Christmas project for toddlers to do under the supervision of an adult. Kids will have a great time crafting these handmade snowmen and hanging them on their Christmas trees. In addition, the DIY snowman decorations would be a lovely gift for children to make for their teachers, grandparents, and even the mail carrier.


Snowman Christmas Ornaments 10
Credit: This Ole Mom

6. Snowman Wreath

This cool snowman wreath is the ideal solution, and it will not melt, even on hot afternoons! Isn’t it a cool concept? It’s really simple, and people of all ages may try it, from toddlers to preschoolers and older.


Snowman Crafts for kids
Credit: DIY Candy

7. 5 Minute Snowman Craft

With this quick and easy snowman craft guide, you can make the cutest DIY snowman decorations in just 5 minutes! You won’t believe how easy and affordable it is to make these snowman decorations. Make a massive batch of these for your tree or as a cute Christmas gift or gift topper this year.


Snowman Christmas tree ornaments DIY
Credit: Make Life Lovely

8. Clay Pot Snowman Craft

Try this easy-to-make snowman, which can be made within a few minutes. This snowman is made out of clay pots which I think every house has, so no extra supplies are needed. Just grab some clay pots and get ready to craft.


flower pot snowmen 1
Credit: Crafty Morning

9. Toilet Paper Snowmen 

The snowman’s body is just cloth wrapped around toilet paper rolls, with a basic hat and scarf made from a tiny piece of plaid fleece. You can sew the hat together only with one seam, or you can save time by using a glue gun instead of sewing.


easy snowman craft tp
Credit: It’s Always Autumn

10. DIY Dollar Tree Snowman

This Dollar Tree Snowman DIY is a great snowman ornament to add to your Christmas decor this season. This simple snowman craft will be adored and praised by everybody!


IMG 3433 jpg min
Credit: Lake Life State of Mind

11. Adorable Sock Snowman!

Try this easy and inexpensive sock snowman made from the things that are available in your home. So just grab those items and craft..craft…craft…


How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman 1
Credit: My Humble Home and Garden

12. DIY Fishbowl Snowman with Glitter and Lights

This is a simple and quick project that can be done without the use of any specialist tools. For embellishments, you may choose to use stickers, glue and glitter, pom poms, contact paper, and so on.


glitter snowman 27.jpg
Credit: Leap of Faith Crafting

13. Snowman Yarn Wrapping Snowman

Yarn wrapping projects for kids/toddlers are a fantastic way to keep little hands busy and occupied during these long winter days. They are also an excellent way to help develop and strengthen fine motor skills. However, if your child is a little younger, you can easily make this activity all about yarn wrapping by prepping all of the craft’s parts ahead of time.


Credit: One Savvy Mom

14. Fabric Snowman Craft

Anybody can make their rustic holiday display with this no-sew fabric snowman project. These fabric snowmen create a great festive display that you can keep up all winter long to bring a little brightness into your home.


Standing Snowmen Set 2 4.jpg
Credit: Frugal Mom

15. DIY Marshmallow Snowman Stirrers

Make your marshmallow snowman stirrers, as seen in the Williams Sonoma catalog, for a fraction of the cost. 


marshmallow snowman stirrers hot chocolate

Credit: The Decorated Cookie

Now comes the important question… Which Snowman Crafts for Kids did you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

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easy preschool DIY snowman crafts for kids and toddlers
easy preschool DIY snowman crafts for kids and toddlers


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