19 Cool Paper Crafts


Can you imagine how much fun you will have making these cool paper crafts on your own? This awesome collection will get you inspired in a good mood and will bring joy to you and your family!

Paper crafts are great fun, and they’re also a great way to make use of the spare time that kids have at school.

They’re also a great way to get kids interested in arts and crafts.

What follows are some of the best paper crafts for kids that I could find.

I’ve tried to include a little something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something simple or more advanced.

I hope you find something here that will inspire your kids’ creativity!

diy easy step by step cool paper crafts for kids and teens

Cool Paper Crafts

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19. Paper Butterfly

Easy Paper Butterfly Origami

18. Paper Beads

Making paper beads.jpg

17. Coffee Filter Flowers

Paper Flower Crafts4

16. Paper Toy Flextangles

Flextangle hero BABBLE DABBLE DO FB

15. Rainbow Paper Rose

Large rainbow rose

14. Mini Origami Pot Plants

origami pot plant tutorial paper kawaii 03

13. Paper Eucalyptus & Hydrangea Wreath

handmade paper flower wreath.jpg

12. Rolled Paper Flower Wreath

Rainbow Paper Wreath 1 1536x1261 1

11. Fold Paper Ninja Stars

Ninja Stars 27 Edited

10. Vintage Camper Treat Boxes

9. Toilet Paper Roll Pencil

Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Craft

8. Folded Origami Lucky Stars

Welcome to Nanas DIY Fun Folded Paper Origami Lucky Stars Gift Kids Craft Video Tutorial Star Garland Decoration 5.1 1024x1536 1

7. Paper Napkin Dancing Princesses

Pipe Cleaner Princesses

6. Mini Origami Succulent Plants

origami succulent plant tutorial paper kawaii 04

5. Walking Paper Horse

Paper Horses 4 Edited 1280x853 1

4. Tissue Paper Flowers


3. Paper Daisy Flowers


2. Rainbow Fan Garland

rainbow ombre paper fan garland

1. Paper Bunny Baskets

bunny pins 2

Now comes the important question… Which cool paper crafts do you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

Few more ideas!!!

diy easy step by step cool paper crafts for kids and teens
diy easy step by step cool paper crafts for kids and teens


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