19 Fun Easy Construction Paper Crafts


Construction paper crafts open a world of creativity for both kids and adults alike. From colorful paper chains to imaginative crafts for toddlers, this versatile material offers endless possibilities for fun and learning.

Whether you’re a parent seeking engaging activities for young ones or an adult looking for a relaxing and creative hobby, this blog will guide you through a variety of enjoyable and simple construction paper projects. Get ready to dive into a world of color, creativity, and hands-on fun that everyone can enjoy!

Welcome to the colorful world of construction paper crafts!

This is a place where everyone, no matter their age, you’ll find arts and crafts with construction paper.

For the little ones, such as toddlers and kindergarteners, we have super simple and fun crafts.

These activities are perfect for little hands to learn and create.

They can make everything from easy shapes to cute animals with just a few pieces of construction paper.

Older kids and teens can try more exciting projects.

They can make cool 3D art, like pop-up cards or paper animals that stand up.

These crafts are not just fun but also great for learning new skills.

And let’s not forget the adults! Crafting isn’t just for kids.

Adults can relax and unwind with more complex projects.

You can try your hand at beautiful paper flowers or even decorate your home with handmade paper decorations.

It’s amazing what you can create with just paper!

In our blog, you’ll find all sorts of ideas.

Want to know what to make with construction paper?

How about a bright paper Christmas tree for the holidays or a lovely handmade card for a friend?

We have plenty of ideas to get you started.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, there’s something here for you.

Construction paper crafts are a great way to spend time, whether you’re making a quick and easy project or something more detailed.

Plus, you get to create something beautiful and unique in the end.

So grab some paper, and let’s start crafting!

From fun projects for kids to creative ideas for adults, construction paper can turn into anything you imagine.

Let’s dive in and see what amazing things we can create together!

Construction Paper Crafts

Fun Easy Construction Paper Crafts For Kids And Adults

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19. 3D Paper Cactus Craft

Dive into the world of construction paper crafts for kids with this 3D Paper Cactus Craft by Made With Happy.

It’s an incredibly fun paper craft that’s not just for kids, but adults can join in too.

These easy-to-make paper cacti serve as charming homemade gifts or quirky desk decorations.

All you need is some construction paper and a bit of creativity to bring these cute plants to life.

Perfect for a weekend craft session, this project is a great way to get your kids involved in crafts to do with construction paper.

3D Paper Cactus Craft 28 2

18. Construction Paper Chick Craft

This Easter, get crafty with a simple and adorable Construction Paper Chick Craft by Easy Peasy And Fun.

It’s a great example of construction paper crafts for toddlers that’s super easy and enjoyable.

Using basic supplies, you can create these cute chicks, making them a fantastic construction paper craft for kindergarten.

It’s a project that brings out the kid in everyone, perfect for Easter decorations or just for fun.

Adorable Construction Paper Chick Craft for Kids Eastecraft papercraft craftforkids

17. Curled Paper Spring Flowers

Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with these Curled Paper Spring Flowers by A Few Shortcuts?

They’re a delightful craft with construction paper that kids will love.

With just scissors and paper, you can create beautiful flowers that never wilt.

This craft is an engaging way to introduce young ones to crafts for kids with paper, teaching them the joy of making something beautiful with their own hands.

curled paper flowers 16

16. 3D Paper Pumpkin Craft

The 3D Paper Pumpkin Craft by One Little Project is a fantastic fall craft for kids.

Easy, fun, and perfect for Halloween, these paper construction crafts create adorable 3D pumpkins that seem to pop off the page.

Using construction paper, scissors, and a dash of creativity, it’s a great project for a classroom activity or a rainy day at home.

3D Pumpkin Craft

15. Construction Paper Flowers

Unleash your creativity with these simple and beautiful Construction Paper Flowers by One Little Project.

Made entirely from heart-shaped cutouts, they’re a great example of cool paper crafts that are easy enough for anyone to make.

These paper flowers are perfect for decorating your home or as a handcrafted gift, showcasing the versatility and fun of crafts to make with construction paper.

DSC 6337

14. Paper Hyacinth Flowers

This DIY Paper Hyacinth Flower craft by SSWW is a hit on Pinterest and it’s easy to see why.

It’s a straightforward, step-by-step project that turns basic construction paper into stunning flowers.

This craft is a wonderful addition to construction paper crafts for adults, proving that paper crafting isn’t just child’s play.

With minimal supplies like scissors and glue, anyone can create these elegant flowers.

hyacinth6 e1427116812901

13. 3D Paper Butterfly

Spring crafts don’t get much sweeter than this 3D Paper Butterfly by Made With Happy.

It’s a delightful project that adds a splash of color and fun to any room.

This paper butterfly craft is a perfect example of how construction paper crafts for kids can transform simple materials into something magical.

It’s a project that’s sure to make your springtime crafting sessions a lot more fun.

3D Paper Butterfly 47

12. Twirling Parrot Craft

Create a vibrant and colorful Twirling Parrot by I Heart Crafty Things using basic craft supplies like construction paper and paint.

This craft is a great way to engage in crafts for adults with paper, allowing you to explore your artistic side.

It’s a creative project that involves painting, cutting, and assembling, perfect for adults looking for a relaxing and enjoyable crafting experience.

twirling parrot craft 2

11. 3D Paper Star Kirigami

Embrace the festive spirit with this easy 3D Paper Star Kirigami by Red Ted Art.

Kirigami, a variant of origami paper crafting that includes cutting, can be incredibly rewarding.

This paper craft project is an excellent choice for those seeking easy crafts for adults, as it only requires paper and scissors to create stunning stars.

It’s a craft that demonstrates the beauty and simplicity of paper crafts for adults.

Easy Paper Stars How To.jpg

10. Paper Polar Bear Craft

This easy Polar Bear Craft by Twitchetts is perfect for younger kids.

It’s a wonderful example of construction paper crafts for kindergarten, using simple shapes and basic supplies.

This polar bear craft or say winter craft is not only fun but also educational, making it a great winter animal craft for preschoolers or a family activity at home.

Winter Craft Polar Bear

9. Paper Dragon Puppets

Dragon puppets made from paper? Absolutely!

These Paper Dragon Puppets by Ruffles And Rainboots are a blast to create and perfect for all sorts of occasions, like learning about Chinese New Year or just for some good old-fashioned pretend play.

What makes these construction paper crafts for kids so appealing is how simple and mess-free they are.

With just a few basic supplies, you can conjure up a fantastical dragon that breathes life into playtime.

These fun paper crafts are not just for kids, but a creative exercise for adults too!

Paper Dragon Puppets

8. Polka Dot Bug

Here’s a cute and quirky craft: the Polka Dot Bug by Ryan And Marsha, a perfect construction paper craft for kids.

You’ll need some basic supplies like construction paper, scissors or a paper trimmer, markers, and optionally, googley eyes and a hole punch.

It’s a delightful way to spend an afternoon, cutting, coloring, and creating something adorable.

Plus, it’s a great craft for honing those fine motor skills in toddlers and kindergarteners.

polka dot bug1

7. Paper Butterfly Craft

Bring the beauty of butterflies into your home with this simple yet stunning Paper Butterfly Craft by Made With Happy.

All you need is some paper, a few basic supplies, and the free butterfly template provided.

It’s a fun paper craft that’s perfect for kids year-round.

Whether it’s a rainy day activity or a weekend project, these butterfly crafts add a touch of whimsy to any room, making them a lovely craft for kids with paper.

Paper Butterflies 9

6. Paper Strip Pumpkin

Transform orange paper strips into a charming Three-Dimensional Paper Pumpkin by First Palette!

This construction paper craft is a fantastic way to celebrate fall or decorate for Halloween.

It’s an easy and rewarding project, suitable for both kids and adults.

These paper pumpkins are a testament to the versatility and fun that comes with crafts to do with construction paper.

paperstrippumpkin step17

5. Rainbow Sun Craft

Welcome spring or summer with this vibrant Rainbow Craft by Kids Activity Zone!

All you need is construction paper, glue, scissors, and a black marker.

It’s a cute, easy, and fun craft for kids, and even adults can enjoy making this colorful creation.

Perfect for adding a splash of color to any day, this craft is an excellent way to explore creativity with simple materials like construction paper.

Easy Rainbow Sun Craft 4 of 5

4. 3D Paper Planets

For budding astronomers, here’s a stellar craft idea: Paper Planets by Babble Dabble Do.

This easy paper construction craft turns a simple sheet of paper into dazzling 3D planets.

Hang these in your child’s bedroom for a cosmic touch, or use them as a fun educational tool.

It’s a wonderful craft for adults and kids alike, blending art and science in an engaging way.


3. Paper Plate Suncatcher Craft

Paper Plate Suncatchers by Make And Takes are a delightful way to brighten any window, and making them with paper plates is incredibly simple.

This craft involves clear contact paper, a paper plate, yellow markers or crayons, tissue paper, and construction paper.

It’s a fun, creative activity perfect for kindergarten and toddler age groups, teaching them about light and color in a hands-on way.

Paper Plate Sun 1 2

2. Construction Paper Handprint Butterfly Tree

Create a beautiful Construction Paper Handprint Butterfly Tree by One Little Project using construction paper.

This art project is not only visually striking but also simple to make.

The paper-punched butterflies add a lovely 3D effect, making it an ideal craft for adults and kids.

Whether it’s spring, summer, or any time you need a burst of color, this construction paper craft is a winner.

DSC 6139

1. Paper Boat

Learn how to fold a Paper Boat by One Little Project in just 5 minutes!

This origami paper craft is super easy and incredibly fun. Using just a piece of paper, you can create a boat that actually floats.

It’s a classic paper craft for kids and a great way to introduce them to basic origami.

Perfect for a playful learning experience or just for fun!

Paper Boats 2

Now comes the important question… Which construction paper crafts do you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

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Construction Paper Crafts
Construction Paper Crafts


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