16 Best Small Bathroom Organization Ideas


If your bathroom is decluttered and you’re looking for declutter bathroom ideas, then these ideas will help you. These simple small bathroom organization ideas can help you keep your bathroom very nice and organized, whether you want to save space or minimize clutter.

Organizing your bathroom is a simple and enjoyable activity.

Scroll down to see more than 16 simple ways to keep your bathroom clean!

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    Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

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    1. To keep your bathroom drawer organised and clutter-free, use containers.

    Drawer bins are a simple, fast, and even stylish way of keeping your bathroom drawers clean and organized. Drawer bins can be found HERE

    Small Bathroom Organization Ideas 1

    2. Repurpose a bookcase into a bathroom supplies storage space over the toilet.

    A bookcase can be converted into a storage room for toiletries and other stuff over the toilet. The bookcase can be found HERE.

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    3. For under-the-sink storage, use stackable containers.

    To save space under your sink and keep your bathroom items nice and organized, use stackable storage boxes. These containers can be found HERE.

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    4. To hang towels, use vertical racks.

    Vertical towel racks are not only attractive, but they may also save a lot of space in your bathroom. Vertical towel racks can be found HERE.

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    5. Use labeled baskets for storage in a shared bathroom

    When sharing a small bathroom with individuals, offer each person a basket to keep things organized and prevent clutter. Labeled baskets can be found HERE.

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    6. Separate your morning and nighttime routines with different containers

    To keep your bathroom countertops clutter-free, put morning and nighttime items in separate bins under the sink. Containers can be found HERE.

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    7. Makeup and other goods can be stored on a wheeled cart.

    Makeup and other grooming goods are easily stored on a wheeled cart. It can be rolled into your bathroom closet when not in use. The wheeled cart can be found HERE.

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    8. To organise medicines and first aid items, label plastic boxes

    Organize all of your medicine and first-aid supplies by placing them in labeled bins. labeled bins can be found HERE.

    9. For bathroom storage, use a tiered tray

    Tiered trays are attractive and can help you make the most of vertical space in a small bathroom. The tiered tray can be found HERE.

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    10. Use wire bins to save space while storing items

    A wire bin can be a fashionable and space-saving option to keep excess toilet paper in your bathroom. Wired bins can be found HERE.

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    11. Other bathroom supplies can be stored in a shower organizer

    Install a shower caddy on your bathroom wall and hang it to hold hygiene and grooming necessities. The shower organizer can be found HERE.

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    12. For added storage, use a decorative ladder

    Adding a few baskets to the rungs of a beautiful ladder can turn it into useful storage. The decorative ladder can be found HERE.

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    13. To hang extra shower caddies, install a tension rod in your shower.

    Place a tension rod along the edge of your shower to hang additional shower caddies if you share a bathroom with friends or relatives. Shower Caddies can be found HERE.

    14. Use floating shelf for vanity by utilizing most of vertical space.

    Install floating shelves on unused wall space to offer storage for toiletries and other bathroom essentials. Floating Shelves can be found HERE.

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    15. Extra storage could be provided in a basket.

    To keep extra tissue and other items, a simple basket may be placed on top of your toilet lid. Storage baskets can be found HERE.

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    16. To minimize space, get rid of bulky bottles.

    For everyday grooming and hygiene, large, bulky bottles can be replaced with slimmer, more visually pleasing containers. Storage Bottles can be found HERE.

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    Now comes the important question… Which small bathroom organization ideas did you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

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