5 DIY Wall Decor Tips


If you are looking for easy and cheap DIY wall decor ideas for your bedroom, you came to the right place. Decorating and styling your interior is an essential part of home design and creating a home of your own. These easy and cheap DIY wall decoration ideas will help you style the interior of your bedroom in a cool and chic way. So here are some cheap and easy DIY wall decoration ideas for bedrooms using artwork, wall arts, and printables.

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    And nothing is more important than walking inside your house and falling in love all over again.

    So if you are looking for handmade wall decor tips, so that you can apply them in your bedroom or any blank wall, then this article will help you.

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    Amazing DIY Wall Decor Tips

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    1. Plan the gallery wall on the floor

    When you’re planning out your wall decor, always start by laying it out on the floor, so that you can get a rough idea that how it would look on your wall if you will finally place them.

    To begin, take rough dimensions of the area where the gallery wall would be placed. Then move the pieces around 5,679 times on the floor before deciding it’s great.

    You can look for easy wall art paintings, which you can make on your own or if you are not a great artist then you can buy wall art online.

    2. Hang your pictures the easy way

    I should have mentioned the easy options there are two that I suggest.

    • Command Picture Hanging Strips: These incredible miracle workers make hanging pictures a snap. I like how you can quickly modify them with the velcro if the picture isn’t perfectly level the first time. They’re also perfect for customers who like to switch up their decor on a regular basis or don’t want to drill holes in their walls.

    3. Incorporate dimension into your gallery wall

    One of my favorite DIY wall decor tips is to use texture and depth to add dimension. This means that not everything on the gallery wall is a flat, smooth-finish frame. Don’t get me wrong: there are some gallery walls with only flat frames that are quite stunning.

    This isn’t strictly a gallery wall rule in the traditional sense. However, adding objects with texture (like the yarn and wood bead wall hanging, southwestern fabric art, and baskets above) and depth (like the vase, wall shelf, basket, circle candle holder, and so on) to the gallery wall helps to make it more interesting.

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    4. Create consistency

    For my boho farmhouse gallery wall ideas, I was looking for a more diverse vibe, so I understand there isn’t a lot of consistency. However, if you take a step back and study the boho farmhouse gallery wall again, you’ll see that the color theme of black, white, and neutrals is consistent. These colors, which can be found across the gallery wall, assist to tie everything together.

    A primary theme, color, or form might be used to maintain continuity. The black and white photographs in black frames on this gallery wall is really consistent, and it works perfectly. Although the theme of wood tones and neutral colors is less constant in this boho nursery gallery wall, it still has a theme of wood tones and neutral colors.

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    5. Don’t be scared of variety

    Variation is just as important as consistency when it comes to gallery walls. The unexpected arrangement of pieces together is what makes gallery walls so much fun. I enjoy watching the pieces of a gallery wall come together to create a larger and more great story on your walls.

    Making a gallery wall in your house doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task reserved for just the most talented interior designers. You can create a gallery wall that you adore by following these 5 DIY wall decor tips… even if it’s your very first!

    There are several reasons why a gallery wall is suitable in any home.

    1. You can absolutely customize them. It’s fun to add home décor pieces that are special to you (such as something you bought on vacation) or photos of your family. Add some amazing new decor in a consistent design, and you’ve got yourself a win! You have a fantastic gallery wall.
    2. The size of a gallery wall can change over time. You can start with a budget-friendly gallery wall in your house and add to it over time. The best gallery walls emerge over time as you collect a collection of pieces you love.
    3. For small spaces, gallery walls are perfect. Although you may not have a huge open-concept living room, everyone has a wall in their home, right?

    Gallery walls are great for over-the-bed decor or can even be used to manage your family by adding them around a home command center.

    Whether you want to add farmhouse signs, make your own DIY wall stencil, or even use wicker baskets in the gallery wall, the possibilities are unlimited! You’re going to love your boho gallery wall, no matter where you set it or what you decide to include!

    Now comes the important question… Which DIY Wall DecorTips helped you the most? Please let me know in the comments.

    Few more home decor ideas!!!

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