24 DIY Gallery Wall Ideas


I combined the Boho and Farmhouse home decor styles for these gallery wall ideas. Don’t forget to check out the 5 Amazing DIY Wall Decor Tips for Gallery Wall at the end as well!

The farmhouse style is one of my favorites. In our house, Fixer Upper is usually on repeat. I’m a big fan of the farmhouse style’s lived-in, relaxed vibe. The bright, neutral palette is perfect. Yes, this time I’ll go for a modern farmhouse gallery wall.

But then there’s the boho look, which is flawless in every aspect. There are no rules where there are no rules. The boho look is colorful, full of culture, texture, and patterns. Putting such patterns together in unusual ways. I love the style and the furniture makes me happier because that has been collected through time and has a story to share…. Okay, maybe it’s my home décor style, which is boho.

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    So till now, you might have got an idea that how much I love the simple and neutral feel in my house. So this is my story and please let me know yours in the moment section.

    And nothing is more important than stepping inside your home and falling in love all over again.

    So today I’m presenting a few ideas that would look great together on a boho gallery wall that also includes farmhouse themes! Once you should go for gallery wall themes, I bet you’ll love this idea.

    Gallery Wall Ideas 1

    So are you ready to see the Boho Farmhouse Gallery Wall Ideas?

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    Oh, I’m in love… These amazing pieces come together to form a boho farmhouse gallery wall with depth and character. The texture of the hanging baskets, yarn wall art, and southwestern designs, which are important to the boho style, are all included. The farmhouse style is represented by farmhouse quote signs, a black and white color scheme, and a neutral color palette.

    The boho and farmhouse styles really have a number of similarities. They both promote old objects and greenery to have a collected look. I really like how the hanging planters complement the boho farmhouse gallery wall. The faded paint with lovely texture on the vintage-inspired wall shelf adds to the vintage vibe.

    Now comes the important question… Which Boho Farmhouse Gallery Wall Ideas is your top pick? Please let me know in the comments.

    Few more decor ideas!!!

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    Gallery Wall Ideas 2
    Gallery Wall Ideas 3


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