21 Easy Dollar Store Halloween Crafts


Get spooktacular on a budget with these easy DIY Dollar Store Halloween crafts! Transform your home into a haunted haven with these DIY fall crafts.

Step into the world of enchanting Halloween DIY projects without breaking the bank!

If you’re searching for bewitchingly affordable ways to bring your haunted house to life, look no further than the dollar store.

Get ready to unlock your inner crafting wizard and embark on a thrilling adventure of creating ghoulishly delightful decorations and spooky costumes, all on a budget.

In this blog, we’ll reveal the secret to transforming ordinary dollar store finds into extraordinary Halloween masterpieces.

From eerie pumpkin lanterns to ghostly wreaths and frightfully fabulous costumes, we’ve got your Halloween creativity covered.

Discover the magic of repurposing inexpensive items and exploring your imagination to conjure up spine-tingling designs that will impress friends, family, and trick-or-treaters alike.

Get ready to embark on a hauntingly delightful journey through the dollar store, where the possibilities for Halloween crafts are as limitless as your imagination!

easy diy dollar store halloween crafts ideas for kids and adults

12 Tips for Transforming Dollar Store Items Into Spooky Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a time for creativity and spookiness, and what better way to embrace the spirit of the season than by transforming dollar store items into spooky Halloween decorations?

With a little imagination and some simple DIY techniques, you can create eerie and unique decorations that will impress your guests and add a hauntingly delightful touch to your Halloween celebrations.

In this article, we will provide you with tips and ideas on how to turn inexpensive dollar store items into spooky Halloween decorations.

1. DIY Halloween Wreath

A Halloween wreath is a fantastic way to greet your guests with a spooky welcome.

Start with a plain wreath base from the dollar store and gather materials such as fake spiders, cobwebs, plastic skulls, and miniature pumpkins.

Use hot glue or wire to attach these items to the wreath, creating a creepy and eye-catching centerpiece for your front door.

2. Creepy Candle Holders

Candles are an essential element for creating a spooky atmosphere.

Take plain glass candle holders from the dollar store and add a touch of fright.

Wrap them with gauze or cheesecloth and secure them with adhesive.

Attach plastic spiders or other creepy crawlies to the fabric, and when you light the candles, they will cast eerie shadows.

3. Petrifying Potion Bottles

Transform glass bottles into spooky potion bottles to add an element of witchcraft to your Halloween decorations.

Remove the labels from the bottles and clean them thoroughly.

Use acrylic paint to create labels such as “Witch’s Brew” or “Zombie Elixir.”

Add food coloring to the water and fill the bottles, giving them a mysterious and otherworldly appearance.

4. Frightful Floral Arrangements

Create sinister floral arrangements using artificial flowers from the dollar store.

Spray-paint them in black or dark purple for an eerie effect.

Arrange the flowers in a vase or cauldron and add some faux cobwebs or plastic spiders for a creepy touch.

These arrangements will make for hauntingly beautiful centerpieces.

5. Eerie Eyeball Garland

Make your own spooky eyeball garland by purchasing a pack of plastic eyeballs from the dollar store.

String them together using a fishing line or black twine, spacing them evenly.

Hang the garland across doorways, windows, or along stair railings for a chilling effect that will give your guests goosebumps.

6. Spine-Chilling Spider Web Art

Create an intricate spider web design using black yarn or string.

Start with a large frame, such as an embroidery hoop, and wrap the yarn around it in a radial pattern to create a web-like design.

Attach plastic spiders to the web, and you’ll have a spooky piece of art to hang on your wall.

7. Ghostly Lanterns

Take plain glass jars or lanterns from the dollar store and turn them into ghostly lanterns.

Clean the jars and apply a coat of frosted glass spray paint.

Once dry, use a black marker to draw ghostly faces on the jars.

Place LED tea lights inside, and you’ll have an eerie glow emanating from these spooky lanterns.

8. Terrifying Tombstones

Create a haunted graveyard scene by making your own tombstones.

Cut tombstone shapes out of foam board or cardboard, and paint them with gray or black paint.

Use stencils or a marker to write chilling epitaphs on the tombstones.

Place them in your yard or create a spooky display on your porch.

9. Haunted House Lanterns

Turn miniature dollhouses or birdhouses into haunted houses by painting them in dark, eerie colors.

Add miniature ghosts, skeletons, and other spooky figurines to create a haunting scene.

Place LED tea lights inside the houses for an eerie glow that will give your decorations a haunted touch.

10. Pumpkin Centerpieces

Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween, and you can create unique centerpieces using dollar-store pumpkins.

Paint them in various colors and designs to suit your Halloween theme.

Carve out the top and fill the pumpkins with flowers, twigs, or LED lights for a stunning centerpiece that will impress your guests.

11. Wicked Witch Hats

Transform plain black hats from the dollar store into wicked witch hats.

Use ribbons, feathers, and decorative items to embellish the hats and give them a witchy vibe.

Hang them on your front door or place them as table centerpieces for a bewitching touch.

12. Skeleton Decorations

Dollar stores often carry plastic skeleton decorations that can be easily transformed into spooky accents.

Paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint or give them a weathered look with acrylic paint.

Pose them in various positions and incorporate them into your Halloween displays for a bone-chilling effect.

Fun Dollar Store Halloween Crafts

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21. Dollar Tree Halloween Gnome Wreath – The Navage Patch

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Gnome Wreath 044


20. Dollar Tree Spooky Halloween Tree – Create Make Decorate

IMG 4771


19. Spooky Skull Bouquet – EP Bot

Screen%2BShot%2B2021 10 04%2Bat%2B7.00.11%2BPM


18. Dollar Tree BOO Napkin Sign – Manda Panda Projects

IMG 4523


17. Dollar Tree Halloween Crystal Ball Craft – Atta Girl Says

dollar tree halloween crystal ball crafts 4


16. DIY Reclaimed Scrap Wood Ghost – Fairy07

65a5df 87e9f7843afa4e34bcb40034b3bef6a1~mv2


15. Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath – Kim Inspired DIY

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath


14. Dollar Tree Stacked Pumpkins Sign – The Makers Map

diy stacked pumpkin decor


13. Spooky DIY Candy Corn Wreath – Kim Inspired DIY

halloween candy wreath 1 1


12. Dollar Store Sweater Pumpkins – Simply Beautiful By Angela

diy dollar store sweater pumpkins reveal 2


11. Dollar Tree Wicked Witch Hat – Creating Through Chaos

Dollar Tree Wicked Witch Hat 1 1


10. Halloween Black Cat Craft – It’s Always Autumn

black cat craft pin 1


9. No Sew Vampire Halloween Gnomes – Little Yellow Wheel Barrow

gnome vampire 5


8. Candy Corn Black Cat Wreath – Kim Inspired DIY

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Cat Wreath


7. DIY Dollar Tree Fall Foam Pumpkin Topiary – The Makers Map

IMG 5197 scaled


6. DIY Image Transfer Candles – Today’s Creative Life

Halloween Candles Tissue Paper 7


5. DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Haunted House – Home Talk

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4. Dollar Tree Haunted House – Creating Through Chaos

Haunted house 16


3. Dollar Tree Fall Reverse Canvas – The Crazy Craft Lady

Dollar Tree Fall Reverse Canvas.jpg


2. Dollar Store Halloween Skull Wreath – Tried And True Blog

Dollar Tree Halloween Skull Wreath 9 1


1. Dollar Tree Boo Sign – Home Talk

dollar tree boo sign



Q. Can I find all the necessary items for these decorations at a dollar store?

Yes, you can find all the necessary items for these decorations at a dollar store. Dollar stores usually carry a wide variety of Halloween items that can be repurposed for spooky decorations, including fake spiders, cobwebs, plastic skulls, and miniature pumpkins.

Q. Can I add my own personal touches to these decorations?

Absolutely! Adding your own personal touches to these decorations can make them even more unique and reflective of your style. Feel free to incorporate additional elements or modify the designs to suit your preferences.

Q. Are the dollar store items used in these decorations durable?

The durability of dollar store items can vary. While some items may be more durable than others, it’s important to handle them with care to ensure they last throughout the Halloween season. Consider storing them in a safe place when not in use.

Q. Can I reuse these decorations for future Halloweens?

Yes, many of these decorations can be reused for future Halloweens. Proper storage and handling can help maintain their quality and ensure they can be enjoyed in the years to come.

Q. Are these decorations suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Most of these decorations can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, it’s essential to consider the materials used and protect them from excessive moisture or harsh weather conditions if using them outdoors.

Q. Can I modify the DIY decorations to make them less spooky for a kid-friendly Halloween?

Absolutely! These DIY decorations can be easily modified to create a more kid-friendly and less spooky atmosphere. You can opt for brighter colors, cute characters, or friendly Halloween themes to ensure that the decorations are suitable for young children. Let your creativity flow and adapt the designs to fit your desired level of spookiness.

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easy diy dollar store halloween crafts ideas for kids and adults
easy diy dollar store halloween crafts ideas for kids and adults


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