19 Simple Easy Campfire Food Ideas


Looking for delicious campfire food ideas? Our easy-to-follow campfire recipes are perfect for both novice and experienced campers alike. So grab your skewers and get ready to create some unforgettable campfire meals around the campfire! Discover the best camping recipes including hot dogs, burgers, kebabs, pancakes, and more. These delicious and easy campfire food ideas will make your next camping trip a breeze.

Oh, there’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire with friends, telling stories, and roasting some delicious food!

As someone who loves camping and spending time outdoors, I’ve had my fair share of campfire meals and have discovered some food ideas that are both easy to make and absolutely delicious.

One of my favorite things to make over the campfire is foil packets.

These are basically meals that are cooked in individual foil packets, which can be customized to each person’s preferences.

To make them, simply wrap your desired ingredients in foil and place them over the fire, flipping them occasionally until they’re cooked through.

I love making foil packets with potatoes, carrots, onions, and sausage – it’s a hearty and delicious meal that’s perfect after a long day of hiking.

Another great meal to make over the campfire is hot dogs.

Sure, it might seem basic, but there’s something so satisfying about cooking up a hot dog over an open flame!

You can get creative with toppings, too – my personal favorite is chili and cheese.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, consider making a one-pot pasta dish.

Simply cook your pasta in a pot over the fire and add your desired sauce and toppings.

I like to make a creamy tomato sauce with mushrooms and onions – it’s both easy to make and totally delicious.

No campfire meal is complete without s’mores, of course!

While the classic graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow combo is always a winner, there are plenty of ways to switch it up.

You can try using different types of chocolate or adding in some peanut butter for a twist.

Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even try making s’mores with different types of cookies – like Oreos or chocolate chip cookies – instead of graham crackers.

Of course, these are just a few ideas – the possibilities for campfire meals are endless!

The key is to keep it simple and to stick with foods that are easy to cook over an open flame.

And, of course, don’t forget to bring along plenty of snacks and beverages to enjoy while you’re gathered around the fire.

outdoor cooking easy campfire food ideas

Fun Simple Easy Campfire Food Ideas

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19. Cinnamon Monkey Bread Foil Packets

Campfire Breakfast Foil Packets

Credit: Gimme Some Grilling

18. Fudge Striped Cookie S’mores

Screenshot 2023 04 16 201234

Credit: Butter With A Side Of Bread

17. Banana Split Smores Dip

Skillet Banana Split Smores 33

Credit: Home Cooking Memories

16. Campfire Peach Cobbler

Campfire Peach Cobbler Recipe 1

Credit: Adventures Of Mel

15. Campfire Apple Pie Packets

campfire apple pie

Credit: Love From The Oven

14. Camping Quesadillas

Screenshot 2023 04 16 200802

Credit: Cupcake Diaries

13. Campfire Bean ‘N’ Ham Soup

Campfire Bean N Ham

Credit: Taste Of Home

12. Tin Foil Packet Italian-Seasoned Chicken & Veggies

Italian Chicken Foil Packs3

Credit: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

11. BBQ Chicken Foil Packs

Screenshot 2023 04 16 200540

Credit: Life In The Lofthouse

10. Chicken Fajita Foil Packets

fajita foil packets 13 of 33 2

Credit: Budget Delicious

9. Dutch Oven Enchiladas

Screenshot 2023 04 16 200357

Credit: Fresh Off The Grid

8. Spicy Teriyaki Grilled Steak Kebabs

spicy teritaki grilled steak kebabs 2

Credit: Butter Your Biscuit

7. Campfire Spaghetti Bake

Screenshot 2023 04 16 200220

Credit: Campfire Foodie

6. Dutch Oven Lasagna

Dutch Oven Lasagna 29

Credit: Fresh Off The Grid

5. Grilled Baked Potatoes

Screenshot 2023 04 16 195846

Credit: Olgas Flavor Factory

4. Grilled Mexican Street Corn

Screenshot 2023 04 16 195954

Credit: Fresh Off The Grid

3. Campfire Potatoes

Screenshot 2023 04 16 195759

Credit: Splendid Table

2. Campfire Veggies

fiery campfire veggies 6 of 8 1

Credit: Bless Her Hearty All

1. Grilled Corn

Screenshot 2023 04 16 195635

Credit: The Classy Chapter

Now comes the important question… Which campfire food ideas do you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

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outdoor cooking easy campfire food ideas
outdoor cooking easy campfire food ideas


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