16 Bathroom Organization Hacks

To take our bathroom decor situation to the next level, we may all benefit from a few bathroom organization hacks.

What is the one thing that we all share? To take our bathroom decor situation to the next level, we may all benefit from a few bathroom organization hacks. These easy hacks can help you organize your bathroom! As a result, you’ll have no trouble locating the items you need!


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    When it comes to cleaning around the house, everyone’s least favorite section of the house to clean is the bathroom! But having a few tricks in your sleeve makes everything so much easier.

    Are you ready to organize your life? Here are 20 bathroom organization hacks you should know about!

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    Useful Bathroom Organization Hacks

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    1. Use Plastic Storage Sets

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    In our bathrooms, we could all use a little extra storage space. Build your own personalized storage caddy to display all the goods you’re always reaching for to increase storage space.

    You can simply make your own caddy out of plastic baskets instead of spending a lot of money on an actual unit. Buy this storage set HERE.

    2. Use Stacking Shelves

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    Are you running out of counter space? Not a problem – just use a set of stacking shelves to build your own shelf unit, to increase storage space throughout the house.

    The best part is that they can be adjusted to meet your needs. Buy this stacking shelf HERE.

    3. Use Under The Sink Organizer

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    Whatever your bathroom storage arrangement is now, I’m sure there’s a lot of areas beneath your sink that you’re not using! To make the most of your bathroom’s spare space, add a small storage shelf on both sides of your sink. Buy this under sink organizer HERE.

    4. Use Hanging Wall Organizer

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    Keep the things you’re always looking for… close at hand! Installing a wire storage basket on the wall, such as the one seen above, will give your bathroom a vintage feel. Buy this wall-mounted organizer HERE.

    5. Use DIY Storage Compartments For Drawers

    Add compartments to your drawers to get rid of all the clutter in them once and for all! My mom organizes all of our things using stackable plastic containers. Buy these storage compartments HERE.

    6. Use Under The Sink Cabinets

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    Many people are unaware that there is a massive amount of storage space beneath their sink!  Rather than hiding all the junk behind closed doors, add a set of stackable sliding drawers to the space! Buy under the sink storage HERE

    7. Use Labelled Organizers

    Are you looking for a quick and easy way to improve your whole storage situation? When you name everything, keeping your bathroom organized is actually rather simple! Buy these labeled organizers HERE.

    8. Use Command Hooks Inside Cabinets

    61XWzlsPt4L. AC SL1000

    Don’t overlook the additional storage space available under your cabinets. Adding command hooks to your cabinet doors is the best way to store all of the stuff you’re always reaching for in a decent manner! Buy command hooks HERE.

    9. Use Ladder Shelf

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    Instead of spending a lot on bathroom storage units, try this one. The best thing is that they are perfect for small-sized bathrooms. Buy this ladder shelf HERE.

    10. Use Toilet Paper Organizer Stand 

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    Don’t allow toilet paper to distract from the overall look of your bathroom! Simply place them in their own toilet paper stand to avoid taking up room in your drawers or cabinets. Buy this toilet paper stand HERE.

    11. Use Labelled Plastic Pump Bottles

    71MQaMaa6QL. AC SL1500

    What’s one of the simplest ways to upgrade your bathroom’s decor? Fill refillable plastic bottles with liquid items that come with a pump! Then, to make things appear more unified, put your own personalized label on the bottle. Or if you don’t wanna DIY then buy these bottles HERE.

    12. Use Wall Shelf Unit

    71Duq dK2cL. AC SL1500

    Do you require additional shelf space in your bathroom? You can create your own hanging shelf unit. You can use it to display a stunning floral arrangement or a nice frame with a brief message in addition to fulfilling a functional use in your bathroom! Buy hanging wall shelf HERE.

    Lavender, like the bundle you can see HERE, is always a good choice for a simple yet lovely floral display.

    13. Use Metal Wire Shelf

    Looking for a quick and easy solution to upgrade your bathroom’s look? Simply hang a metal wire shelf on the wall to provide more storage space as well as a great small display area for your favorite succulent arrangements! Buy this metal wire shelf HERE.

    14. Add a Shower Caddy to Your Bathroom

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    What are you waiting for if you don’t already have a shower caddy? A shower caddy will make your life so much simpler by ensuring that everything you need is right at your fingertips! Buy this shower caddy HERE.

    15. Use Stackable Drawers

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    To increase storage space, place a couple of stackable drawers on your counter. This is a great way to keep all of your makeup organized and accessible. Buy this stackable storage HERE.

    16. Store Hand Towels in a Basket

    813AdvqyAtS. SL1500

    A basket full of hand towels waiting for your guests next to the sink is much welcomed. This is a nice personal touch to put to your bathroom if you’re often hosting guests or anticipating company! Buy this basket HERE.

    Now comes the important question… Which bathroom organization hacks did you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

    Few more bathroom organization ideas !!!

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