15 Best Living Room Design Ideas


Today I’ll be sharing 20 Living Room Design Ideas That You’ll Love, the reason is they are so practical and easy. It’s like you can DIY, so you can do whatever you want, the style of your choice as well as decor items of your choice.

Living rooms are filled with possibilities for little DIY projects, renovations, clever techniques, and unique design ideas to liven up your space. And now that we’re spending more time indoors, why not liven up the space where you relax, have fun, and make time for yourself by adding or changing a few items here and there?

I hope you’ll love these unique and useful living room design ideas, and don’t forget to let me know your opinion regarding this.

So, whether you’re looking for a new take on paint techniques, a new approach to maximize your storage space, a clever DIY project, or charming decor inspiration, we’ve got lots of good tips, tricks, ideas, and decor to get you started on your next project.

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Living Room Design Ideas

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1. Coordinate your sofa and wall colours

1. Coordinate your sofa and wall colours

Although it may appear silly at first, this design idea can look fantastic in a little historic home like this one. You can see how the calm elegance of this deep ocean blue on the neighboring wall paints and sofa coverings fills the area.

This idea can produce a color pallet with only these two things, even in a vibrant green/yellow tone. And it looks fantastic!

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2. Use your alcove for art and wood

Use your alcove for art and wood

If you have extra room in your alcove and don’t want to stick to standard alcove shelves, the structure of the chimney breast and adjacent wall can be used to frame your art hangings. This concept is also a great way to incorporate a woodshop into otherwise unused floor space.

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3. Make decor of antique heirlooms rugs

Make decor of antique heirlooms rugs

How come we’ve never noticed this before? It looks amazing to use the same material (or at least pattern) for your living room rug and your couch cushions.

No matter what sort of decor style you have, this idea brings your rooms together and wonderfully matches your textiles. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good rustic cushion?

4. Symmetry is key

Symmetry is key

When it comes to living rooms, we think symmetry is highly underrated. If you have the room, a double sofa set is not only highly social, but it also looks gorgeous.

Importantly, this focuses on the living room’s social interactions rather than the television, and it also beautifully frames the fireplace. If you want to spice things up, try various fabrics on the same shape sofa for a unique design.

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5. Create a bar corner

Create a bar corner

While bar carts and drinks trolleys are really popular right now, this idea proves that you don’t need to buy anything new to create a great bar area in your living room.

Adding some brilliant bottles and drinkware to an old unit can do the work nicely, and you’ll still have the extra storage in the rest of the unit to utilize. Best of all, you may match your paint color to your current decor, and a change like this will only cost you pennies.

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6. Hang a picture wall

Hang a picture wall

Picture walls can fill a blank wall like nothing else, and they’re far less expensive than you may imagine. Picking up strange frames from thrift stores, charity shops, or simply giving an old, disused one a fresh coat of paint can be a great place to begin. You don’t even need expensive artwork to fill them.

Try using family pictures, simple prints that you can print at home, or even making your small works of art. The mismatched style is quite versatile and can be used with any type of decor.

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7. Strip back an old piece of furniture

Strip back an old piece of furniture

Use a spare weekend to peel back an old piece of furniture in the spirit of making the most of what we have. Removing old paint and discovering the heritage features and stories of antique furniture, whether it’s a chest of drawers, a bookcase, a coffee table, or a storage chest, can be quite satisfying.

This inexpensive concept also allows you to picture painting over it with a different color when your house is updated.

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8. Use your fireplace as a wood store

If you don’t want a working fireplace, you can still create a beautiful feature out of it by filling it with chopped wood to bring texture, warmth, and neutral colors to your living area.

This is a low-cost, quick-and-easy alternative to other decors that has the same rustic feel of a raging fire. You can also fill your space with the scent of woods and the great outdoors, depending on the type of wood you choose.

9. Try a full length mirror

Try a full length mirror

Large mirrors are normally reserved for bedrooms or large rooms, but they can also be used in the living room. This is especially attractive if you have a darker wall color, since the mirror will add more light to the area, and selecting a frame that matches your decor is essential to making this idea gorgeous.

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10. Go for patterned tiles in your fireplace

Go for patterned tiles in your fireplace

Why not spice up an average fireplace by including some (delightfully) jazzy tiles? Choosing tiles with colors that match the surrounding wall, floor, or decor tones can help to tie your living room color scheme together and provide a little additional life to neutral interiors.

For a touch of fun, this home used mixed designs in the same colors that were applied in different directions.

11. Sneak colour into surprising places

It’s a lot of fun to put color in unexpected areas like the living room. This little trick of painting the border of a door a different color and matching it to the door handle is amazing.

If you don’t want to use bright colors in your house, stick to a deeper and lighter shade of the same color. It’s an unexpected touch that gives any living room’s color scheme a little something extra.

12. Change up your panelling shapes

We like paneling in any type of period home, but the standard rectangular designs scream for a chance to create something different. Fun hexagons can be a great option for your home, and they appear just like traditional paneling.

This generates a different dynamic in your living room and adds something exceptional, especially in simple, neutral types of interiors, when painted in any hue. The look is completed with a matching door shade.

13. A wall light makes a reading nook

A wall light makes a reading nook

In any living area, floor lamps and side table lamps are beautiful, but we rarely see wall lights at this height. Installing a lamp above your sofa offers a cozy reading corner and allows you to direct the light where you need it rather than lighting the entire room.

This is also a fantastic way to save energy by just utilizing what you need. Choose a wall lamp that matches the hues of your furniture and the color of your walls to ensure that it blends in effortlessly.

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14. Add a kitten for ultimate cuteness

I like living room design and clever small tips for elevating your interiors on a budget or adding a one-of-a-kind touch. But, at the end of the day, nothing beats a small fluffy kitchen for effect.

For the sake of health and happiness, every home should have one. Placing the fluff ball on our favorite armchair and styling it with toys that match your soft furnishings are some style tips.

15. Downlight your fireplace

Shining a light down from behind your fireplace, whether you have a wood burner or no fireplace at all, can create a stunning effect. This is great if your fireplace doesn’t require a flue, but even if it does, try placing little battery-operated lights that can simply attach to the surface.

To get the best effect, pick lights that give a soft, golden glow (warm white) rather than a bright blue light.

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration, ranging from little hacks to projects that will completely change your living area.

Now comes the important question… Which living room design ideas did you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

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