30 Best First Apartment Gifts


Moving out may be a tough time both financially and emotionally, but it shouldn’t be when it comes to thinking of the first apartment gifts basket to welcome them into their new home! These are the apartment warming gifts and I think these first house gift ideas will surely help you out.

We all know someone who has recently moved out on their own. So these housewarming gifts will definitely help them to start their new and happy life.

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    Whether they’ve just moved out on their own and are renting or have purchased their first home, this list of 30 best first apartment gifts is great for making their life a bit simpler and letting them know you’re thinking about them.

    These first apartment gift basket ideas will surely help the new homeowners. In short these can be perfect and useful gifts for someone’s first apartment.

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    First Apartment Gifts

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    1. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum 

    71P49P6OfzL. AC SL1500

    With this fantastic little robot vacuum, keeping your home clean is a pleasure and requires very little effort! Buy this Robot Vacuum HERE.

    2. Wall Mounted Key Holder

    71BbsXuK7gL. AC SL1500

    This wall-mounted key holder acts as both a functional and decorative addition to their entrance hallway. Buy this wall-mounted key holder HERE.

    3. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

    With the Echo Dot Smart Speaker assistant, you can help them get organized and make their life simpler. Buy this smart speaker HERE.

    4. Our First Home Sign

    9154T+IJj3L. SL1500

    This sweet framed burlap print will be a wonderful remembrance of their first home. Buy this customizable wall art HERE.

    5. New Home Small Candle

    61+A5DsCS+L. AC SL1500

    This lovely soy wax candle comes in a variety of aromas and is a great first apartment gift. Buy these scented candles HERE.

    6. Succulent Gift Box 

    71rvIpmy tL. AC SL1500

    Give them this beautiful succulent gift box to brighten up their space. Buy this succulent gift box HERE.

    7. Personalized Doormats

    A1mtPlE0PnL. SL1500

    Every time they return to their new home, a personalized welcome doormat will put a smile on their face. Buy personalized doormats HERE.

    8. Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener

    71SeB1U7tpL. AC SL1500

    This stainless steel deluxe gift set contains an electric wine bottle opener, preserver, bottle stoppers, a charging station, and more if they’re a big wine fan. Buy this wine bottle opener HERE.

    9. Personalized Tea Towel

    81YbIhgUnoL. SL1500

    When a kitchen has a customized towel, it seems so much more like home. This tea towel is both simple and elegant, making it an excellent move-in gift. Buy this personalized tea towel HERE.

    10. Cutting Board & Cooking Utensils Set

    For any foodie’s kitchen, this luxury bamboo cutting board and cooking utensil set is a great housewarming gift. Buy this cutting board & cooking utensils set HERE.

    11. Instant Pot

    71nBuzH 5WL. AC SL1418

    The Instant Pot is the perfect first apartment gift for new homeowners. This little device will change their lives by saving them time and providing them with wonderful home-cooked meals. Buy this instant pot HERE.

    12. The Complete Instant Pot Cookbook


    This Instant Pot cookbook is a perfect complement to any new homeowner’s first apartment gift. It has 1001 everyday recipes, allowing them to prepare a different dinner every day. Buy this instant pot cookbook HERE.

    13. Kitchen Knife Set with Block

    61FBMgdboZL. AC SL1500

    A quality knife set is important for any new homeowner’s kitchen. Buy this complete knife set HERE.

    14. Cheese Board & Knife Set

    81IlgweNCrL. AC SL1500

    This bamboo cheese board and knife set is the perfect gift for anybody who enjoys entertaining guests with cheese and wine. Buy this cheese board knife set HERE.

    15. Latitude Longitude Wall Art

    With their new home’s coordinates, this wooden sign is a wonderful customized first apartment gift. Buy this wall art HERE.

    16. Personalized Reusable Calendar

    719TlO+ANcL. SL1500

    If they enjoy being organized, this personalized reusable calendar is a great first apartment gift. Buy this reusable calendar HERE.

    17. Grid Wine Bottle Rack

    81orcjTScBL. AC SL1500

    Every wine lover requires a beautiful wine rack to exhibit their collection. Check out this lovely wall-mounted wine rack that can hold both wine bottles and glasses for a unique look in the space. Buy this grid wine bottle rack HERE.

    18. Personalized Address Stamp

    81R4zZsFWwL. AC SL1500

    This personalized address stamp is the perfect way to honor their new address. Buy this personalized address stamp HERE.

    19. Bathroom Housewarming Gift Basket

    81bfbN1USPL. SL1500

    Moving into a new house may be stressful at times, and certain details might be ignored. In case they forget something, give them this housewarming gift basket with bathroom essentials. Buy this bathroom gift basket HERE.

    20. Wine Glasses

    81z fZiAPXL. AC SL1500

    Any new homeowner moving out on their own for the first time would appreciate this collection of 12 assorted wine glasses. Buy these wine glasses HERE.

    21. New Home Gift Basket

    This gift basket is an excellent housewarming gift for any cooking lover’s new apartment. Buy this gift basket HERE.

    22. New Home Sign

    71ZwfbXwjGL. AC SL1200

    Home is undoubtedly the best place to be. Give them this lovely sign to hang in their new apartment. Buy this new home sign HERE.

    23. Coffee Maker Set

    81e7redWiIL. AC SL1500

    For new homeowners who need their caffeine kick in the mornings, a coffee maker is a great gift. Buy this coffee maker HERE.

    24. Google Nest Thermostat

    71GIRQHecXL. AC SL1500

    Every home should have a Google Nest thermostat. It comes with several features that make monitoring their house simple and effective. Buy this google nest thermostat HERE.

    25. Cookware Set

    71nRS2kHHtL. AC SL1500

    For new homeowners, a set of high-quality cookware is a requirement. Give them this 10-piece stainless steel set so they can start preparing great dishes right away. Buy this cookware set HERE.

    26. Engraved Customized Coasters

    These customized coasters will add a touch of elegance to their coffee table and make a wonderful housewarming gift. Buy customized coasters HERE.

    27. Swirl Wine Cooler Bucket

    71P31pdsMRL. AC SL1500

    For wine enthusiasts, a wine cooler bucket is a must-have. This one is completely versatile and luxurious! Buy this wine cooler bucket HERE.

    28. Rustic Welcome Porch Sign

    815Ehik7FVL. AC SL1500

    A welcome sign gives their porch a great personal touch. Buy this welcome porch sign HERE.

    29. Essential Oil Diffuser

    51tFXMaKryL. AC SL1000

    It’s always great to return home to a home that smells good. That’s exactly what this essential oil diffuser will provide! Buy this essential oil diffuser HERE.

    30. Tea Bloom Set

    717NQbqzvfL. AC SL1500

    Add this high-quality glass teapot and infuser set to their list of first-time kitchen essentials. It comes with two blossoming tea blossoms and is perfect for loose leaf tea lovers. Buy tea bloom set HERE.

    Now comes the important question… Which first apartment gift ideas did you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

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