19 Best Dollar Tree Easter Decor

Whether you’re looking for dollar tree easter decor ideas or just want to make your own farmhouse easter decor, these tutorials will help you get started and make stunning decorations for Easter.

Easter is a time for celebration and joy, and what better way to add some festive flair to your home than with Dollar Tree Easter decor?

You don’t have to break the bank to create a beautiful and charming Easter display in your home.

With a little creativity and some affordable supplies from Dollar Tree, you can create stunning Easter-themed decor that will delight your family and guests.

The Dollar Tree is great for cheap Easter decorations such as bunnies, eggs, and pastel-colored flowers.

You can use these items to make a beautiful Easter wreath for your front door or create a vibrant Easter centerpiece for your dining table.

You can also use Dollar Tree Easter decor to decorate your mantle, bookshelves, or any other areas in your home that could use a little springtime charm.

If you’re feeling crafty, the Dollar Tree also has a variety of DIY Easter decor supplies such as felt, ribbon, and foam eggs.

You can use these supplies to create your own Easter decorations such as Easter egg garlands, bunny banners, or even a DIY Easter basket.

Another fun idea is to create a Dollar Tree Easter basket for your kids or grandkids.

You can fill it with Easter grass, candy, and small toys, all of which can be found at Dollar Tree.

It’s a fun and affordable way to create a special Easter surprise for your little ones.

Overall, Dollar Tree Easter decor is a great way to add festive charm to your home without breaking the bank.

So head to your local Dollar Tree and get creative this Easter!

diy dollar tree easter decorations

Dollar Tree Easter Decor

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19. Tulip Door Wreath

Tulip Spring Door Wreath

18. German Glitter Easter Eggs

image asset

17. Marshmallow Peeps Easter Centerpiece

Screenshot 2023 02 05 085005

16. Easter Farmhouse Centerpiece

Screenshot 2023 02 05 084846

15. Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs

Screenshot 2023 02 05 084710

14. Moss-Covered Easter Eggs

Screenshot 2023 02 05 084614

13. Easter Floral Arrangement

Screenshot 2023 02 05 084516

12. DIY Easter Egg Bouquet

Screenshot 2023 02 05 084347

11. DIY Easter Egg Candle Holder

Screenshot 2023 02 05 084231

10. Easter Bunny Garland

Screenshot 2023 02 05 084131

9. Lace Bunny Canvas

Screenshot 2023 02 05 084045

8. Easter Bunny Mason Jars

easter bunny mason jars photo 4

7. DIY Modern Wooden Bunny

Screenshot 2023 02 05 083838

6. Spring Bunny Flower Pot Gumball Machine

Screenshot 2023 02 05 083737

5. DIY Spring Easter Wreath

Screenshot 2023 02 05 083635

4. String Easter Eggs


3. DIY Easter Egg Button Art

Screenshot 2023 02 05 083456

2. DIY Easter Egg Topiary 

Screenshot 2023 02 05 083409

1. Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape

Screenshot 2023 02 05 083320

Now comes the important question… Which dollar tree easter decor do you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

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diy dollar tree easter decorations
diy dollar tree easter decorations

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