12 Best Teen Bedrooms Tips


Teen bedrooms can get a bit messy and chaotic sometimes. Here, I’ve collected a few gorgeous small teen bedrooms decor ideas which will help you tidy up your teenager’s room. I understand there are different types of decorating preferences in choosing themes and wall colors. With all of these small teen bedrooms decor ideas, you can also try your theme or concepts to match your existing furniture and interior design.


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    Here are a few of the best teen bedrooms ideas that you can incorporate into your teenager’s bedroom.

    Teen Bedrooms

    Teen Bedrooms Tips

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    1. Placing a bed in the corner of a room maximizes the space.

    Incorporating a bed in the corner of your teen’s room is ideal when space is limited. Having the bed tucked away in a corner means that there is more open floor space available to move around or set up additional furniture (desk, dresser, or storage).

    Teen Bedrooms

    It also allows for the option to place a desk, chair, and wardrobe in the room without feeling too cramped by maximizing every inch of available space. The bed can also be placed close to the window for natural sunlight.

    If you have a larger bedroom for your teenager, incorporating a bed in the center of their room can still help maximize their space by only using one wall instead of two.

    Using curtains around the bed gives them privacy and adds a cozy feel along with lots of pillows and pillowcases that are fun colors and designs.

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    2. Tuck a desk behind a sofa for a clever workspace solution in a teen bedroom.

    A desk can serve several purposes in a teen bedroom, from acting as the place for homework and school projects to serving an office function.

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    Tucking it behind the sofa, either within its frame or in a nook created by the sofa and a wall, is one way to make it multi-purpose. It can also save space since you won’t be using a valuable floor area for something that’s not often used.

    Plus, it means that other members of the family can use it when required (for example when paying bills), without having to clear space in their rooms.

    It also provides privacy when needed; if there are younger children around and your teens want some time alone, they need only draw the curtains across the back of the sofa.

    Or they could install another curtain rod at ceiling height and add some pretty fabric to provide shade from an overhead light or disguise unsightly elements such as pipes or wiring.

    Going all out on decorating behind your couch will help define your teen’s space as theirs.

    And if you choose fabrics with fun prints or colors you could even create an unexpected focal point for your room!

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    3. Hang shelves above the bed for additional storage.

    Shelving can be a great option to add storage above your bed. Shelving can be a bit of an investment but is worth it if you are looking for some storage space.

    Teen Bedrooms

    You can get shelves that are open or have doors depending on your needs.

    If your teenager has books or toys they would like to display, then shelving above their bed is a great way to do so and keep their room tidy at the same time.

    When you have shelves installed, make sure they are high enough that they won’t hit the ceiling when mounted and strong enough to hold whatever items you plan on placing there.

    To prevent items from falling off the shelf, choose open shelving with wide-enough gaps where objects aren’t slipping through or use baskets for smaller items such as toys and assorted school supplies.

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    4. A ladder on rails makes it easy to get to the top bunk.

    A perfectly good option is a ladder on rails. These ladders are easier to climb than fixed ladders, as they’re angled and have a larger surface area to place your feet.

    teen bedrooms

    They also increase safety, as the rails help stop you from slipping off. Plus, they’re space-saving and moveable, meaning you can move them out of the way when not in use and when cleaning.

    When installing a rail ladder for bunk beds or loft beds, it’s important to install it securely to the wall or bed frame so that it doesn’t move during use.

    5. Use hanging canvases to separate or define a bedroom that has an open floor plan.

    Just because you don’t have a dedicated room for your teen doesn’t mean you can’t make their sleep space special. This bedroom, which belongs to the designer’s son, features three-patterned canvases that separate the space from the rest of the apartment without closing it off completely.

    teen bedrooms 3

    The best part? They were all painted by a young artist. “I was quite surprised at how good they turned out and what a great way to personalize a boring white wall,” he says.

    “If your kid isn’t artistic, get them some paint and invite their friends over for an afternoon craft session. You could even give them each a canvas and hang them in a row for a gallery effect.”

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    6. If space is tight, tuck a desk behind a sofa or against a wall.

    If you’re short on space in your room and can’t fit a desk, try tucking one behind a sofa, or against a wall. You’ll have enough space to spread out homework and still have room to hang out with friends.

    If the area is wide enough, consider adding a small filing cabinet for easy storage.

    7. Use creative storage and paint options to create an effortless look in your teen’s bedroom, no matter how tight the space is.

    First, use neutral colors for walls and bedding. Choosing neutral colors like taupe, white, or ivory for the walls, bedding, and bedroom furniture allows you to decorate with other colors if your teen decides he/she wants a change later on.

    teen bedrooms 4

    Don’t worry if you already have dark-colored paint on the walls; painting over dark paint with light-colored paint is easy to do and will make the room appear lighter.

    Next, choose simple furniture with clean lines for the bedroom. Simple furniture doesn’t take up much visual space, which makes a small room look bigger than it is.

    Additionally, inexpensive furniture is easy to replace when your teen’s tastes change after a few years.

    If you’re buying new furniture for your teen’s bedroom but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, consider purchasing beanbag chairs instead of upholstered chairs or futons instead of sofas or loveseats.

    Finally, make sure that every inch of space in your teen’s bedroom is being used effectively.

    Live in an apartment? Consider adding wall-mounted shelves along one wall to hold CDs and DVDs in addition to books; just add a folding chair or two that can be tucked away when not in use.

    Have more space? Consider adding decorative baskets underneath tables and inside bookcases and cabinets so your teen has extra storage options without having to resort to stacking things on top of his dresser.

    8. A lofted bed creates plenty of open space beneath the mattress for desks, storage, or even an additional seating area.

    You’ve got a lot going on in your room, so why not maximize your space with a lofted bed? The bed may be elevated off the ground, but the open space below it can be used for any number of things.

    teen bedrooms

    Whether you need some extra storage or want to create a comfy nook that’s perfect for lounging and reading, lofted beds will help you make the most of your square footage.

    9. A custom-made white built-in unit with wall-to-wall storage makes this small bedroom feel large.

    By installing a built-in unit, you can make the most of your small bedroom. Each piece of furniture can be made to order or customized to suit your exact needs.

    You can also select the materials and colors used so that it blends in with your bedroom’s decor seamlessly, making this ideal for those who want their furniture to look as attractive as possible.

    10. Create pullout sleeping surfaces in unusual places — under loft beds and behind sofas, for example — for extra sleeping space when needed.

    To make the most of your teen’s small space, think creatively about where and how you can carve out extra sleeping areas.

    Futons, daybeds, trundle beds, and other pullout sleeping options are a great choice since they can be tucked away when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space for daytime activities.

    Consider building an “extra bed” into otherwise unused spots — under loft beds or behind sofas is a good place to start.

    You’ll have the option to provide extra sleeping accommodations for sleepovers and overnight guests without sacrificing much-needed living space during the day.

    11. Use lighting to draw the eye around the room and spotlight special features, such as one-of-a-kind artwork, photographs, or furniture pieces.

    • Use accent lighting to draw the eye around the room and spotlight special features, such as one-of-a-kind artwork, photographs, or furniture pieces.
    • Use task lighting in areas where your teen does his or her homework. A desk lamp, for example.
    • Make a small space appear larger by using wall sconces instead of floor lamps and table lamps – these take up less space on the floor and can make a room look bigger.
    • Create an atmosphere that fosters relaxation with dimmable LED fixtures that produce soft light for reading or watching television before bedtime.
    • Put picture lights on either side of a large piece of art to highlight it from all angles.

    12. Rather than installing permanent shelves, install hanging shelves suspended from sturdy rope or chain that can be powered down when they are not needed in tight spaces.

    Instead of installing permanent shelves, opt for sturdy ropes or chains that can suspend shelves from the ceiling. You can then power them up when you need to add extra storage and power them down when you don’t.

    They are a subtle way to add some design interest to an otherwise boring space and are just as easy to install.

    The hanging shelves featured on All Things Thrifty can be used for both storage and decoration.

    The hanging shelf featured on Design Sponge is perfect for storing knick-knacks while adding a creative touch to any wall.

    This post discussed teenage bedrooms – what to consider when designing them, what features to include, and how to make them teen-friendly. If you have any tips on teenage bedrooms, please share them in the comments below.

    Few more bedroom ideas !!!

    Teen Bedrooms
    Teen Bedrooms


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