17 Best DIY Summer Tiered Tray Decor


Revamp your summer table decorations with vibrant summer tiered tray decor ideas! Perfect for farmhouse to nautical themes, our summer tiered trays have various ideas like lemon tiered trays, watermelon tiered trays, beach themed tiered trays, and more. Explore lemon and floral arrangements for a fresh look, or set up a mini garden for outdoor entertaining. Whether hosting a summer party or refreshing your space, these bright and colorful summer tray ideas will add a sunny vibe to any room.

Summer tiered tray decor is a great way to bring the sunshine and warmth of the season into your home.

These trays are versatile and can be used to display a variety of items, from small plants to seasonal decor.

They are perfect for adding a touch of seasonal charm to any room, whether it’s your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

When it comes to summer-tiered tray decor, the possibilities are endless.

You can create a beach-themed tray by adding seashells, sand dollars, and other coastal decors.

Or, you can create a tropical tray by adding pineapples, flamingos, and other summer-themed items.

You can even create a patriotic tray by adding red, white, and blue items in honor of the Fourth of July.

One of the great things about tiered trays is that they can be easily customized to fit your personal style and taste.

You can choose items that match your existing decor or go for a bold and playful look with bright colors and fun patterns.

The key is to have fun with it and create a tray that makes you happy every time you look at it.

So, whether you’re looking to add some coastal charm or tropical flair to your home this summer, a tiered tray is the perfect way to do it.

Below you’ll find ways to decorate a tiered tray for the summer season and suggest some items that you can incorporate.

How to Decorate a Tiered Tray for Summer?

Decorating a tiered tray for the summer season offers a chance to express your creativity and give your home a festive look.

Below are some steps to guide you:

Step 1: Select Your Tray

When creating a summer-tiered tray, selecting the right tray is crucial.

You can opt for any tray type, but ensure that it suits your decor style and fits your space appropriately.

Consider the colors and materials you intend to use for your decor and select a tray that complements them.

Step 2: Pick a Color Theme

Summer is a season bursting with vivid colors and patterns. Determine a color scheme you’d like to incorporate into your tiered tray.

Some popular summer color themes include blue and green shades for a beachy vibe, bright oranges and pinks for a tropical atmosphere, or soft pastels for a more romantic feel.

Step 3: Select Your Decorations

When it comes to decorating your tiered tray for summer, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

The key is to select items that complement your chosen color scheme and decor style.

simple diy summer tiered tray decor ideas

Easy DIY Summer Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

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17. Lemon Tiered Tray Decor

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Credit: Instagram

16. Watermelon Tiered Tray Decor

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Credit: Brandi Raae

15. Hello Summer Tiered Tray

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Credit: Instagram

14. Early Fall Apple Tiered Tray

Screenshot 2023 03 03 181828

Credit: Cottage At The Crossroads

13. Memorial Day Centerpiece

Screenshot 2023 03 03 181918

Credit: Priscillas

12. Beach Tiered Tray

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Credit: Instagram

11. Bee-Inspired Tiered Tray

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Credit: Instagram

10. Beach Tiered Tray

Screenshot 2023 03 03 182545

Credit: Dining Delight

9. Watermelon Tiered Tray

Screenshot 2023 03 03 181608

Credit: Cottage At The Crossroads

8. Nautical Tiered Tray

Screenshot 2023 03 03 182328

Credit: Dining Delight

7. Patriotic Tiered Tray

Screenshot 2023 03 03 182028

Credit: Blogs By Aria

6. Bee Themed Tiered Tray Decor

Screenshot 2023 03 03 182648

Credit: Dining Delight

5. Farmhouse Summer Tiered Tray

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Credit: Instagram

4. Watermelon Slice Tiered Tray

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Credit: Instagram

3. Farmhouse Galvanized Tiered Tray

Screenshot 2023 03 03 182932

Credit: Twelve On Main

2. Sunflower & Bee Tiered Tray

Screenshot 2023 03 03 183101

Credit: Mandap And Projects

1. Mini Lemon Tiered Tray

Screenshot 2023 03 03 183423

Credit: Sincerely Babette

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simple diy summer tiered tray decor ideas
simple diy summer tiered tray decor ideas


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