21 Fun Preschool Summer Activities


Kickstart an unforgettable summer with these preschool summer activities! Dive into outdoor adventures, easy summer crafts, and educational summer games perfect for little learners. From water play ideas to simple backyard activities, ensure your preschooler’s summer is filled with fun and learning. Explore nature, engage in preschool science experiments, and enjoy summer-themed sensory bins. Don’t miss our DIY summer projects for toddlers to make every day a discovery.

Summertime is a great opportunity for kids to get out and explore their community. From visiting the library to swimming at the park, there is plenty of fun and free summer activities to enjoy.

So get outside and have some fun this summer!

fun outdoor preschool summer activities for kids and toddlers

Summer Activities For Kids

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21. Simple Color Scavenger Hunt

color scavenger hunt

20. DIY Sponge Water Bombs


19. Backyard Construction Play Area

IMG 0655

18. Tin Can Stilts

coffee can stilts

17. Backyard Mini Golf Course

mini golf course

16. Musical Scavenger Hunt

outdoor toddler game 104

15. Balloon Tennis

Balloon tennis for an indoor gross motor sensory play game

14. Pool Noodles Play House

making a play house from pool noodles.jpg

13. DIY Tetherball Set 

tetherball 9 logo

12. DIY Outdoor Movie Night

DIY Outdoor Movie Theater 14

11. Simple DIY Tent


10. Ladybugs V/S Tadpoles Tic Tac Toe Game

outdoor tic tac toe game 7

9. Coke Bottle DIY Outdoor Bowling Game

diy coke can bowling game3

8. DIY Kids Seesaw

DIY Kids Seesaw Tutorial 665x1024 1

7. DIY Tree Swing

6a00d8358081ff69e2016768ce34dd970b 800wi

6. DIY Marble Bowling Game

marble bowling 6

5. DIY Ring Toss Game

DIY Ring Toss Game

4. DIY Backyard Bean Bag Toss Game

Backyard Game Ideas DIY Bean Bag Toss Thrift Diving 3361

3. Sponge Water Bombs


2. Hula Hoop Hide Out Tent

9 Hula Hoop Hide Out

1. Frozen Popsicle Chalk


Now comes the important question… Which summer activities for kids do you like the most? Please let me know in the comments.

Few more summer ideas!!!

fun outdoor preschool summer activities for kids and toddlers
fun outdoor preschool summer activities for kids and toddlers


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