About Ak

ak pal

Hello, I am Aklesh Pal. I am a part time-model, sketch artist, and I am an experienced blogger too.

I have 2 years of blogging experience. So I decided to start my blog where I’ll teach how to start a blog and how to make decorate each and every corner of your home, office, and many more.

I share all of my experience in each and every article as well as tips that will make your life easier.

I also have another blog related to recipes and that’s Ak Pal Kitchen.

About this site:

As I started this blog in October 2021, before that I have gathered much information on how to start a blog and run it successfully, to generate a handsome amount and quit a job or any other laborious work.

In this blog, you’ll find kids Crafts, Home Decor Ideas, Holiday Recipes, and much more to make your life better and easier.

Thank You